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Dysgraphia is a disability in written expression.

Dysgraphia impacts 33% of the population!

It’s not just the person that suffers, it’s the entire community!

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About Us

Our mission is to collaborate with adults to shift mindsets about struggling writers - those just learning to write  through adulthood - to strengthen their social-emotional well-being, to help them engage fully in life activities, and to unleash their potential to change future generations through the written word.

Change their world forever... Yours too!

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You become a stakeholder in your virtual and physical world.

By changing the life of one person, you transform the lives of many people.

Who are we...?

  • Teachers
    • Regular Education
    • Learning Support
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Parents

Why are we here...?

To provide a holistic, neuroscience research-based approach to transform the mindset about dysgraphia awareness and provide professional development.

How do we do this...?

We help you design WHOLE classroom 2-minute interventions and streamlining assessments to improve the social-emotional well-being of students without using a scepter (pencil) to transform writing skills for a lifetime.
The Writing Glitch is NOT a handwriting curriculum.
It is NOT just about the physical act of writing. It IS how to change the mind.
Although our goal is to support students, The Writing Glitch is not for students.